Viu Readies River Where the Moon Rises


Viu has unveiled its latest original, the Korean period romance drama series River Where the Moon Rises.

River Where the Moon Rises sees Pyeonggang, who was born as a princess but raised as a soldier, set out on a tour of the kingdom with her empress mother. During their travels, they meet General On Hyeop and his son, On Dal, with whom Pyeonggang shares her goal of becoming Goguryeo’s first queen. When the empress and General On Hyeop are assassinated, Pyeonggang embarks on a quest to uncover the kingdom’s dark and dangerous conspiracies.

Adapted from a Korean folktale recorded in The History of the Three Kingdoms, River Where the Moon Rises is set to premiere exclusively on Viu on February 15. The series stars Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo as Pyeonggang and On Dal, respectively. Itis produced by established South Korean production house Victory Contents. Yun Sang Ho will direct the series, written by Han Ji Hoon.

Virginia Lim, chief content officer at Viu, said, “Viu is committed to offering the best of premium Asian entertainment content to delight our viewers. In 2021, we are excited to be investing in more original productions and especially Korean drama series which offer outstanding production quality, stunning cinematography and visual effects. With an exceptional script and amazing talent, River Where the Moon Rises is not to be missed.”