Viaplay Sets Next Danish Original Call Me Dad


Viaplay has further invested in Danish original content with the new comedy-drama Call Me Dad, scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Produced by Nordisk Film Series, the show centers on lifelong friends and catering partners Emil and Viktor. When Viktor begins dating Emil’s mother, an unusual family face-off begins.

Call Me Dad stars Alex Høgh Andersen (Vikings), Magnus Haugaard (Guilt) and Ellen Hillingsø (The Bridge) and is based on an idea by Andersen and Haugaard. The series is written by Søren Felbo (Sunday) and directed by Christian Dyekjær (Guru). Producers are Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen and Laura Frederikke Kragholm at Nordisk Film Series, with Dorte Fuglsang as executive producer for Viaplay.

Additional cast members are Roberta Reichhardt (Knæler), Johanne Milland (The Venus Effect), Søren Sætter-Lassen (Marie Krøyer), Peter Gantzler (The Legacy), Lone Rødbro (Cry Wolf), Bjarne Henriksen (The Killing), Lila Nobel (The Rain), Oscar Dyekjær Giese (Chernobyl) and Tommy Kenter (Dance of the Polar Bears).

“My vision is to create a contemporary comedy that exudes visual and narrative richness,” Dyekjær said. “The show will entertain while exploring topics such as how we treat each other and our world today. It’s a pleasure to work with two of the best acting talents of their generation, and Viaplay viewers can look forward to a very modern show with a remarkably strong supporting cast.”

Filippa Wallestam, chief content officer at Viaplay Group, added, “This sharp and warm series sums up what Viaplay wants to create in Denmark—high-quality storytelling, told by both established and upcoming talents, with huge potential to reach local and international audiences. In recent years, we’ve premiered or announced more than 30 Danish Viaplay originals, and our ambition is to deliver many more in the future—provided we have regulatory certainty and a fair playing field.”