Video Interview: Universal Television’s Erin Underhill

Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, currently produces more than 40 comedies and dramas that run on broadcast, cable and streaming platforms, from the Dick Wolf franchises Law & OrderOne Chicago and FBI to The Equalizer and Quantum Leap. Erin Underhill, the president of Universal Television, is responsible for all of the studio’s activities, including creative affairs, casting and production. She talks to TV Drama Weekly about offering culturally relevant series to a wide range of outlets, all the while building the library, which is crucial to the studio’s future.


“My vision for producing programming at Universal are shows that have broad appeal, are culturally relevant and resonate and entertain a global audience because we are entertaining a global audience with our TV shows, whether they’re on linear or nonlinear,” said Underhill. “The vision is to continue to work with the best creators out there and tell diverse, compelling stories for a global audience.”