TV Drama In-Demand: Scandinavian Drama


This latest In-Demand report shows how much Scandi drama has expanded beyond Nordic Noir, as we spotlight ZDF Enterprises’ Top Dog, Eccho Rights’ Love Me and Dynamic Television’s The Sommerdahl Murders.

Top Dog

Distributed By: ZDF Enterprises
Produced By: Filmlance International in co-production with TV4/C MORE, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises
Cast: Josefin Asplund, Alexej Manvelov, Joel Spira, Christian Hillborg, among others
Writers: Veronica Zacco, Lovisa Milles, among others
Rights Available: All rights worldwide from ZDF Enterprises.
Description: Focuses on the clash between Stockholm business attorney Emily Jansson and Södertälje ex-con Teddy Maksumic. She wants to move up, he wants to get out! The series consists of 8 45-minute episodes.
Pitch Perfect: “Bestselling author Jens Lapidus’ unique style of writing is brought to life in this awesome series,” says Robert Franke, VP of ZDFE.drama at ZDF Enterprises. “Authenticity is in everything, from the script to the director. We feel honored to have been given the opportunity to co-produce this series together with a fantastic team of partners and talents.”
Slot Winner: Official selection at CANNESERIES 2020.
Sales Contacts: Yi Qiao, Director, ZDFE.drama; Mirela Nastase, Director, ZDFE.drama; Sebastian Krekeler, Director, ZDFE.drama; Yuliya Fischer, Director, ZDFE.drama; Susanne Frank, Director, ZDFE.drama.


Love Me

Commissioned By: Viaplay, SVT
Produced By: Warner Bros. International, Film Capital Stockholm
Cast: Josephine Bornebusch, Johan Ulveson, Gustav Lindh, Sverrir Gudnason
Writer: Josephine Bornebusch
Rights Available: Worldwide ready-made and scripted format rights available from Eccho Rights.
Description: A warm and humorous series about love, sex, fear and sadness, passion and relationships; a series about life from start to finish. This drama-comedy romance series consists of two seasons, each consisting of 6 45-minute episodes. Season two delivers in fall 2020.
Pitch Perfect: Widely lauded as the best Swedish TV show of 2019, Love Me has connected with audiences through its relatable stories for romantics of all ages. Josephine Bornebusch has created a world that we can all recognize. With tears, laughter, heartbreak and joy in equal measure throughout, this is a truly refreshing series from the Scandinavian region.
Slot Winner: Love Me became the most watched Viaplay Original of all time upon its launch, having already been renewed for a second season before it even aired.
Sales Contacts: Lisa Widén, Sales & Acquisitions Executive Scandinavia; Nicola Söderlund, Managing Partner; Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director.


The Sommerdahl Murders

Commissioned By: TV2 Denmark
Produced By: TV2 and Sequoia Sommerdahl ApS in co-production with ZDF in association with Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft and Dynamic Television
Cast: Peter Mygind, Laura Drasbaek, Andre Babikian
Writers: Lolita Bellstar, Lars K. Andersen, Mette So
Rights Available: All worldwide rights from Dynamic Television.
Description: In the Danish coastal town of Helsingør, Dan Sommerdahl is the undisputed hero. But while he has a remarkable history of solved homicides, things aren’t going as well for Dan at home. This crime drama consists of 8 45-minute episodes. Season two is now in production in Helsingør, Denmark.
Pitch Perfect: A new blue-sky crime series commissioned by TV2 Denmark and co-produced by ZDF, The Sommerdahl Murders is a classic approach to the crime procedural, set in a beautiful coastal town. It follows Detective Dan Sommerdahl and his partner Flemming Torp as they solve murders while coping with the challenges put upon their personal lives.
Slot Winner: Sommerdahl premiered in March on TV2 Denmark to terrific ratings with more than 500,000 viewers. The series is a big success for TV4 Sweden and TV2 Norway as well. It just premiered on Acorn in North America, U.K., Australia/New Zealand and Latin America, and will soon premiere on ZDF in Germany.
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