Turkish Dramas Continue to Power atv’s Global Gains

The Turkish drama catalog of atv Distribution has been growing at a rapid clip, with fresh content that’s been delivering in ratings. European interest in atv’s Turkish dramas remains high, most notably in Spain, Romania, Hungary and Croatia.

“Atv’s series have a huge fan base globally,” says Müge Akar, head of sales for Europe, Asia and Africa. “Our content is able to find both prime-time and daytime slots in different territories.”

In Asia and Africa, interest in Turkish dramas remains strong, and Akar says that the roster of “untouched territories reaching out to atv about Turkish dramas and collaborations is growing and more territories are expanding.” She cites Italy, Portugal and Africa as territories where the company is working to shore up more slots.

“The Turkish local market is very competitive, and only the best of the best content can survive,” says Akar. “This has been the key point to sustain the quality of the content. Turkish content is able to evolve and regenerate traditional and modern values.”

Even with this evolution, traditional Turkish dramas have kept their place as the most in-demand, “evolving from the hype to become the main genre in the content world,” Akar says. She adds that traditional scenes and subjects are still popular, but the new generation of viewers are looking for fresh styles and different aspects from the traditional dramas, leaning more into rom-coms and historical dramas.

“The TV industry is evolving in the digital age, and, naturally, we are also adapting to the new environment,” says Akar. “The audience can now easily access our app and website to follow their favorite content. Digital viewing is increasing, and we are finding new ways to attract this audience. Recently, we created another ending for one of our high-rated series, A Little Sunshine, and broadcast this alternative ending on our online platforms only.”

A Little Sunshine, in which a wife uncovers her husband’s betrayal after his death when she finds out he has a secret child, is part of a package atv Distribution recently sold to Mega in Chile. The broadcaster also picked up Wounded Heart, a story of revenge between two families. Both feature classic Turkish themes of love and revenge, aspects that have resonated with LatAm audiences.