Snapchat Discover Debuts The House of Creators


Candle Media’s Exile Content Studio has delivered the short-form Spanish-language digital series La Casa de Los Creadores (The House of Creators) for Snapchat Discover.

The series is a made-for-digital murder mystery featuring the popular content creators Caín Guzmán, Floriza Aguirre, Oswaldo Rada, Gloria Valencia, Pablo Mondragón, Paulino Razo and Sergio Ibarra. Collectively, these creators count 40.5 million followers across social media.

The series was directed, produced and written by Mexican screenwriter Jesús Elizondo and based on an original idea by Guzmán.

“The results of La Casa de Los Creadores and its addition to Snapchat Discover are a clear example of how our digital brands are well positioned for multiple platforms and audiences,” said Andrés Bayona, head of digital creative production at Exile Content Studio. “Expanding across additional digital platforms allows us to reach even more consumers and further build this and other digitally native content franchises.”

“We are excited to add this production of Exile Content Studio to Snapchat Discover,” said Ignacio De Los Reyes, leader of Snap Inc. Media partnerships in Mexico. “For Snapchat, it is very important to share local content that entertains, informs and inspires our community with innovative formats. There are now more than 90 active channels in Spanish from our partners on Snapchat Discover, including La Casa de Los Creadores and Caín Guzmán’s own creator show, Top Views.”