Rock Entertainment, myTV SUPER, Regentact Pact for Drama Channel


Rock Entertainment Holdings, the OTT service myTV SUPER and Regentact are partnering on the rollout of a new channel, Golden Chinese Drama.

The new channel will showcase a broad range of classic Chinese dramas, including the 1998 costume drama My Fair Princess, and will be available for linear broadcast, SVOD and FAST platforms.

“We are thrilled to partner with myTV SUPER and Regentact to bring these legendary tales internationally as we preserve the essence of classic Chinese dramas, and offer a nostalgic escape into the past for those looking for a break from contemporary offerings,” said Beatrice Lee, CEO of Rock Entertainment. “With the strategy of delivering 700 fresh hours per year, fans can look forward to a continuous stream of high-quality content that reflects the rich heritage of Chinese storytelling.”

“This milestone collaboration symbolizes a celebration of Chinese storytelling heritage and a commitment to delivering exceptional content to our cherished viewers,” said Rex Ching, president of myTV SUPER. “I am excited about exploring possibilities with this partnership and bringing excellent content to audiences worldwide.”

“We are very excited for this opportunity to partner with Rock Entertainment and MyTV Super to bring these classic Chinese dramas back to overseas audiences,” said Edward Lam, general manager of Regentact. “No matter if you have watched any of these dramas before or not, we hope you can discover new enjoyment on this channel.”