Raisah Ahmed Developing Ayesha’s Gift Adaptation


We Are Lady Parts writer Raisah Ahmed and Freedom Scripted are developing a TV adaptation of Ayesha’s Gift by Martin Sixsmith (The Lost Child of Philomena Lee).

Based on a true story, it follows British businesswoman Ayesha Rahman as she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind her father’s suspicious “suicide” in Pakistan. Having had no help from the U.K. or Pakistani authorities, she approaches investigative journalist Sixsmith, who is grappling with his own unexpected family tragedy.

The two are pulled into a complex and deadly investigation abroad and at home in the U.K., but they are able to help each other find their own truths and make sense of their personal lives and family secrets.

Sixsmith and Ahmed will both executive produce, along with Freedom Scripted’s managing director, Mike Ellen.

“Ayesha and Martin’s story is one of grief, family and a country still grappling with corrupt systems created by the echoes of colonization and partition,” Ahmed said. “Having the opportunity to explore the legacy of migration and the complexities of family with Martin’s rich and powerful book is a dream. It feels like a real privilege to have the opportunity to bring Ayesha and Martin to screen with the team at Freedom Scripted and Martin Sixsmith.”

Sixsmith added, “Embarking with Ayesha on the search for her father’s killers set us at loggerheads. We were divided by background and culture and by the expectations we had for the solution of the murder. But a tragedy in my life lent me an understanding of the tragedy in hers. We grew close. The resolution of the mysteries behind our individual losses brought us solace, self-knowledge and a shared hope of redemption from grief. Now I’m incredibly excited to see how this story plays out on screen.”

“These are two brilliant writers on such a powerful and profoundly moving adaptation as Ayesha’s Gift,” Ellen said. “This is an epic, edge of your seat investigative story which takes the audience around the U.K. and around the world. Our drama promises to shine a light on the complexities of grief for both Ayesha and Martin, the heartbreak and revelation of only truly getting to know a loved one after their passing.”