Production Begins on Netflix Mystery Thriller Hello


Bon Voyage Films has begun production on Hello, a new German mystery thriller series for Netflix that is set to star Peri Baumeister, Yuna Bennett and Florian David Fitz.

Hello’s story begins when a wife fails to come home from her trip to the ISS after her plane vanishes. Her husband Sven finds that she left behind a trail of breadcrumbs, which lead him to realize that she may have discovered something in the darkness of space.

The scripts for the series are written by Fitz (Oskars Kleid, 100 Things), Nadine Gottmann (Wir sind die Flut) and Kim Zimmermann (Skylines, The Perfumier). Sebastian Hilger (Wir sind die Flut) is directing episodes one and four, while Philipp Leinemann (The King’s Surrender, Willkommen bei den Honeckers, Blame Game) is directing the middle two episodes.

Additional cast members are Nilam Farooq and Katharina Schüttler, Katharina Thalbach, Uwe Preuss, Meret Becker and Sheeba Chaddha.

Hello is filming in and around Munich and Leipzig. Scenes on the space station are being filmed in the Hyperbowl, Penzing and at the Bavaria Studios in Munich using ISS sets created by Eva Maria Stiebler.

“When I first read the original screenplay a few years ago, I thought it was such a unique, cross-genre idea that I’d never seen before,” Fitz said. “But the effort seemed huge, and it didn’t seem quite right for German cinema. We’re so lucky that Netflix is looking for exactly this kind of material, with twists and turns, where you’re never sure where it’s going next. It’s emotional, dark, cynical, loving, supernatural and yet fully grounded in our current world events.”

“We’re really pleased about our first project with Florian David Fitz and everyone involved,” said Steffi Ackermann, director of series for DACH at Netflix. “It’s a really special collaboration for a really special story about an ordinary man who is dragged into a thoroughly abnormal situation.”

Producer Christian Springer of Bon Voyage Films added, “A father and his daughter make an unbelievable discovery while trying to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of his wife and her mother. It’s a real challenge to tell this exciting and moving story in all its detail. We were able to get a phenomenal team, both in front of and behind the camera, and together they achieve unbelievable things.”