Police Investigation Drama for France Télévisions


Terence Films has begun production on OPJ, South Pacific, a new police investigation soap opera that will air on France Télévisions’ France Ô.

OPJ, South Pacific follows the daily life of a group of investigators from a judicial police force in New Caledonia. The show will star Yaëlle Trules, who plays Clarissa, the commander of Nouméa’s police force—she is a true leader at work, while single-handedly raising her two teenagers at home. The show is based on an original idea from Terence Films Co-Founder Bertrand Cohen. 

The first order is set to be 50 26-minute episodes, played across a week or two 52-minute episodes for one evening.

Bertrand Cohen, co-founder of Terence Films and executive producer on the series, commented: “For the first time, we are bringing the French public a cop show entirely shot in the South Pacific. The 20×52-minute format will also allow viewers to discover the daily and family life of these officers who have the chance to live in a dream location.”