NRK’s Skam Gets Croatian Adaptation


An adaptation of the NRK coming-of-age drama Skam has been ordered for HRT1 in Croatia.

The series, which runs daily online and weekly as a webcast and sees each season focus on a different main character, has already been adapted in France, Germany, the U.S., Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. The Croatian iteration is being produced by CGM Films and will begin to broadcast in the fall as Sram.

Sram is being directed by Jelena Gavrilović and written by Hana Jušić and Nikica Zdunić. Producers are Bruno Mustić and Ivan Lovreček. Frane Pamić is serving as DOP, and Tomislav Stojanović is editing the show.

The adaptation will be set in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

“We are thrilled to add our remake to this acclaimed series lineup that captivates teen audiences with its unique appeal,” said Mustić, a producer at CGM Films. “In adapting the show for the Croation demographic, we’ve included a character from the Roma community, underscoring our commitment to diversity. Beyond storytelling, we’re embracing the digital age by showing show today’s teens engage with content and each other online. This modern approach influences not only our narrative but also our distribution across digital platforms and social media, with the goal of making every teen feel recognized and included.”

Sram is something that we, as a public broadcaster, needed more than anything in this period of transformation and redefinition of our role in the era of media abundance,” commented Rahela Štefanović, editor in chief of HTV channels, which includes HRT. “Format is teaching us to respect and cherish our audience, to make them feel important and loved. I hope that PSM market in Croatia will follow this extraordinary audience-centric approach.”

Julia Schwieger, senior executive for kids and family entertainment at Beta Film, which handles the international sales and format rights to Skam, added, “For nearly a decade, Skam has become a beloved cult favorite among young viewers. With each new remake, we’re thrilled to welcome more fans to our global community. The launch of Sram marks our first remake in Eastern Europe, a milestone we believe will be a wonderful addition to our diverse family.”