Newen Launches €50 Million Investment Fund for U.K. Drama


Newen Group has set up a €50 million ($54.6 million) investment fund focused on acquiring U.K. drama.

Newen Distribution will invest in high-end scripted series from British production companies through the fund, with an eye to building a strong foothold in English-speaking content. Newen Distribution is actively looking to make significant investments to support producers’ projects from early development to deficit funding. The company is looking to partner on three to four scripted series, both returning and miniseries.

The investment will be supported by an international sales presence headquartered in Paris, a strong emphasis on global marketing and a new London office focused on U.K. content partnerships. Julien Leroux has been appointed as its executive VP of sales and content development.

Malika Abdellaoui, the managing director of Newen Distribution, said: “We all know the challenges distributors face in funding the best drama in the U.K. market. We believe that it is the perfect time to be proactive in the U.K., offering producers cash at an early stage, rapid decision-making and privileged access to major Continental European markets, as well as our strong worldwide trading relationships. We want to apply Newen’s successful entrepreneurial spirit to the U.K. distribution and coproduction market. We are open to different kinds of partnership to create a special route between Europe through core territories such as France, giving access to more financing and broadcasters at a very early stage. The Newen group is ready to take risks and, thanks to its own production pipeline, can offer far more than just investment.”

Fabrice Larue, CEO and chairman of Newen Group, said: “The U.K. creative industries are highly attractive, brimming with talent across the production spectrum. Newen is also known for being rich in creativity, ideas and talent; our mission is now to co-finance and distribute some of the high-end drama series from this dynamic market using a range of models.

“Our ambition is to have a global presence, co-producing or co-financing the best internationally focused series. By offering high-quality content from the U.K., our goal is to reinforce our presence in the international market. We are very excited by the wealth of opportunities that exist and the partnerships that we can create supported by our great team and our new Advisory Board.”