New Polish Drama Debuts on Viaplay


The Polish crime series Murderesses, produced by Paprika Studios, has debuted on Viaplay in Poland and will premiere on Netflix in Poland on November 30.

Inspired by a nonfiction book by Katarzyna Bonda, the series centers on the disappearance of a high-ranking police officer. His daughter, an ambitious district officer, is determined to find him and will do everything in her power to solve the case, even if she has to bend the rules.

At the same time, she cannot understand why her family doesn’t support her search. She doesn’t realize that reality has little in common with the idealized image she holds of her father.

The lead roles of Murderesses are played by Maja Pankiewicz (Eastern, Still Here), Izabela Kuna (Lejdis, The IN-Laws, Forgotten Love) and Eliza Rycembel (Corpus Christi, Belfer), as well as Tomasz Schuchardt (Doppelgänger. The Double, High Water).

All episodes of the series were directed by Kristoffer Rus (Into The Wind, Too Old for Fairy Tales), head of Paprika Studios Poland. The script was written by Wiktor Piątkowski (The Border, Sortownia), in cooperation with Joanna Kozłowska (Sortownia, War Girls) and Katarzyna Kaczmarek.

Viaplay Content Distribution is distributing the series globally.