Netflix Slates Gangs of Galicia Premiere


Netflix has slated the premiere of Gangs of Galicia, produced by Vaca Films, for June 21.

Starring Clara Lago (The Neighbor, Spanish Affair) and Tamar Novas (The Mess You Left Behind, 1000 Miles from Christmas), the series sees a new lawyer arrive to the small town of Cambados, where she is noticed by everyone, including the son of an important drug trafficker, who is serving as the visible head of the gang while his father is in prison.

Jorge Guerricaechevarría is the creator and screenwriter of the new series, and Roger Gual is director.

In addition to Lago and Novas, the cast includes Xosé Antonio Touriñán (Cuñados), Chechu Salgado (The Laws of the Border), Melania Cruz (Malencolía), Miguel de Lira (Cuñados), Francesc Garrido (I Know Who You Are), Diego Anido (The Beasts) and María Pujalte (The Mysteries of Laura).

Vaca Films, founded by Emma Lustres and Borja Pena, is known for titles such as Celda 211, El niño, To Steal from a Thief, Retribution, Eye for an Eye and Sky High, as well as the series La Unidad and The Mess You Left Behind.