MIPTV Spotlight: Inter Medya


Inter Medya’s Aziz tells the story of a man whose fate is changed when he kills a French delegate’s son.

The man runs away and is presumed dead but returns two years later and has to start his life over again. “After his dense emotional chaos, he will get to know himself better and find his true love,” says Can Okan, founder and CEO.

The Girl of the Green Valley traces the life of a girl who is tortured by her adopted family until she finds respite on a farm with Metin, a timid, middle-aged man.

Destiny centers on a young woman who, despite being abused and neglected her entire life, cannot be brought down by anyone. Since she grew up in darkness, she learned to fight in it.

“This year, we expanded our catalog with this season’s brand-new and [hit] titles,” Okan says. “We are excited to present our newest titles to our business partners.”

Okay adds, “Our new dramas have great potential in the international market.”