MIPTV Spotlight: Inter Medya


Inter Medya’s MIPTV slate is headlined by Love and Pride, a title that follows a well-rooted family on the verge of losing everything they know.

In this state of panic, Tolga, the heir to a wealthy legacy, enters their lives. If daughter Mercan marries Tolga, life can continue as it used to, but she rebels against the proposition.

Deception explores the story of a woman whose entire seemingly prosperous and perfect life is revealed to be a lie. It centers on Güzide Yenersoy, a respectable family court judge living in Istanbul, and sees buried events from the past come to light.

Poison Ivy, also on offer, sees Macide, the daughter of a poor family, fall in love with the successful and already-married businessman Kazim. While they guard their love, the question remains whether Kazim can protect Macide from the cruelty of the rich and powerful life he lives.

More highlights from the company include Leylifer, which sees Meryem’s life upended when she and her husband travel to Istanbul, only for her husband to die under mysterious circumstances; The Trusted, following Marashli, an ex-soldier who has left the special forces in order to open up a secondhand bookstore and spend more time with his sick daughter; and Last Summer, in which an idealist prosecutor receives an offer too good to refuse from the mob leader he put into prison years ago.

Inter Medya plans to showcase an extensive lineup of Turkish series, miniseries, feature films across genres and more at MIPTV. The company will also present its formats catalog.