Mediacorp & TAICCA Crown Screenplay Competition Winners


Mediacorp and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) have chosen the winners of the screenplay writing competition In the Name of Love.

The writers of the three winning scripts will win a development grant and vie for an opportunity to have their stories selected by Mediacorp for production. 173 entries were received for the competition, which launched in June 2023.

The winning plots follow an author’s romantic encounter with a ghost; a young delinquent’s struggles with life and death as an emergency medical technician; and a theater artist who is unexpectedly saved from the brink of suicide by love ballads.

Scriptwriters of all nationalities were invited to submit original proposals for a Chinese drama series about life and the various facets of love. Over the next few months, the three writers are to further develop their scripts by working with their mentors, including scriptwriters and executive producers from Mediacorp.

In addition, masterclasses are to be conducted by teachers such as Tim Squyres (The Life of Pi), David Magee (The Life of Pi, Little Mermaid), Xie Meng Ru (Copycat Killer, Danger Zone), Liu Wei Ran (My Journey to You), Sonia Sui (The Fierce Wife) and more.