GoQuest Media Strikes Troll Farm Option Deal


GoQuest Media has inked an option agreement with Mumbai-based MadLab Films for the Lithuanian comedy-drama series Troll Farm.

The 5×50-minute Troll Farm, originally produced by Dansu Films, follows the exploits of a high-flying executive who is out for revenge. Abhijeet Khuman and Gaurav Shukla (Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side), the duo behind MadLab Films, will develop and adapt the project for Indian audiences.

MadLab Films’ Abhijeet Khuman said, “Troll Farm‘s plot and Anna’s unique POV in handling her professional and personal crisis were instantly attractive to us. Trolling is a relevant concern for our times, and we could see the story translate really well in an Indian context. Avenging corrupt corporations [and] women leaders breaking gender stereotypes may be tried and tested themes, but we haven’t seen the far reaches of trolling and what havoc it can cause even for the troll herself. The story is impactful, bold and just what the audience wants to see on the screen.”

Vivek Lath, managing director at GoQuest Media, added, “Troll Farm unfolds as a scorned female CEO turned troll. She plots, schemes and manipulates with a single-minded goal of ridding the world of corrupt corporations. Not unlike Shiv Roy from Succession, she will use every trick in the trade to win, but the story turns when the trolling goes too far. This is where Troll Farm departs from other premium revenge dramas out there. The writing is deeply self-aware and empathetic and keeps you hooked till the bizarre ending. Abhijeet and Gaurav, the brains behind some of the biggest hits on Indian TV and big screen, are on board, and we can’t wait to see what magic they’ll whip up with this captivating story.”