M6 Commissions Serial Lover from Shine Fiction


Banijay France’s Shine Fiction label has landed its first commission since the company launched: Serial Lover.

A co-production with Amaury Fournial (Sibaro Films), Serial Lover is the story of a shrewd man who lives many different lives and develops a new personality for every identity. His deception becomes an art form as he manipulates all those around him, especially women who he targets and steals from.

The series is written by Alice Den Broek and directed by Fred Berthe. Flore Bonaventura, Helena Noguerra, Odile Vuillemin, Elodie Frégé and Jonathan Zacaï star. M6 has commissioned the project.

Serial Lover will be distributed in the international market by Banijay Rights.

Dominique Farrugia, managing director at Shine Fiction, said: “Serial Lover is a heart-wrenching thriller, with a charismatic villain duping a string of lovers and professionals. But the women fight back to bring the man to justice. This is a tense and engaging story, and we’re extremely pleased to be bringing this to the world with Banijay Rights.”

Fournial, president at Sibaro Films, said: “It’s easy to see how this charming and suave manipulator manages to deceive multiple women in this gripping new drama. The compelling scripts from Alice Den Broek ensure the female voice is heard in this scenario, and expert direction from Fred Berthe creates the strained atmosphere were looking for.”