Lonely Hearts Debuts on FOX Turkey


Lonely Hearts, distributed by Global Agency, has made its debut in Turkey in access prime time and will be aired daily on FOX.

Produced by Bros Film, Dentsu and Mavi Yapım, Lonely Hearts tells the story of two couples passionately in love but torn in different directions by the dramatic conflicts that run through their families and test their determination that love shall prevail.

The cast is led by Serkan Melikoğlu (Forgive Me), Sena Şahin, Taygun Sungar (Mr Wrong), Bengü Gürses (The Legacy), Furkan Kapsız and Elif Gülhan (Don’t Leave Me).

Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency, said: “Our new drama, with its production quality and acting, is a visual feast and of weekly prime-time series quality. Daily dramas are now watched a lot and are in high demand abroad.”