Kyle MacLachlan in Cannes Promoting New Twin Peaks


CANNES: Kyle MacLachlan is in Cannes with CBS Studios International to promote the highly anticipated return of Twin Peaks, which he told TV Drama has been a “pretty thrilling experience.”

The actor played Special Agent Dale Cooper in the ’90s cult hit, which is returning in 2017 on Showtime. MacLachlan said that it’s “nice to be here [in Cannes] and to feel the excitement and anticipation. Everyone is on the edge of their seats about the return of Twin Peaks.”

“It had been a long time since David [Lynch] and I had worked together,” said MacLachlan. “We’ve been friends forever, and we’re actually neighbors in Los Angeles, so we see each other frequently. We haven’t worked together since the early ’90s, so this opportunity was something I was just so thrilled about. And it didn’t disappoint!”

He said that he and Lynch fell right back into sync working together. “The first day that we got back on set, our director-actor relationship just clicked back in. It was wonderful. We’re both a little older, have had many life experiences and a lot of time to grow. It was an extraordinary experience.”

“I’m so proud of David,” MacLachlan continued. “He and Mark [Frost] wrote every page of the script. David directed every episode, every frame. He has terrific stamina and a joy of the process.”

MacLachlan said that he had no hesitations or reservations about stepping back into the series: “It was all just ‘Yes!’”

“[David] called me and said, ‘I’ve got something to tell you.’ But he wouldn’t tell me over the phone, so we met in person. He told me that he and Mark had been writing and were going to be doing Twin Peaks again. I was so excited. I figured it probably wasn’t going to happen—it had been a long time. He had an idea, talked to Mark and together they came up with the story—and we were off to the races!”

The new Showtime series picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town were stunned when their homecoming queen Laura Palmer was shockingly murdered. Twin Peaks is distributed around the world by CBS Studios international.