Kazakhstani TikTok Houses Star in YA Mystery Drama


JKS Entertainment and 1ON Studios have teamed with the YOLO and BIP TikTok houses for the new young adult mystery series Target.

The show revolves around a high school senior who attends an elite private school. When he starts receiving mysterious targeted messages on his social media feed that predict a catastrophic event, he and his friends work together to prevent it.

Target features an ensemble cast of TikTok stars from the YOLO and BIP houses, including @Lunamccall and @Raidess, as well as @Homm9k, who has 43.3 million followers on the app.

The series began filming in Almaty on August 4 and will be completed by mid-fall. The show is in English, and a second season is already in development.

“I’ve long had a dream to create competitively cool content with our TikTokers, as I wanted to show that they can be actors, too,” said Beksultan Kazybek from JKS Entertainment. “TikTok is made up of billions, but only few make it to the global arena. It’s all about charisma, the inner energy that we are pleased to share. We’ve also prepared surprises for our fans: the ‘shipped’ couples who are loved by the audiences will develop romantic relationships in the show as their characters progress.”

Temirlan Ataulla and Oleg Dyo of 1ON Studios added, “It was obvious that sooner or later an international scripted series with Kazakhstani TikTokers and talents would be made. There was a desire to collect the best representatives of the industry. The TikTok stars are the new media elite. You have to agree, making a story about a school played by high school idols is a pretty appealing idea. Our mission is to create a special, comfortable space to work together with international crews and talents, and to develop content that will resonate in global markets.”

Alina Kim (@Homm9k) said, “My character’s name is Veronica. In fact, her thinking, mindset and interests are very close to mine. We are both fond of astrology, numerology and in general, enjoy being bright, standing out by playing with unusual looks. She is a kind and a faithful person, a good friend. Being sometimes emotional, she radiates a strong sense of compassion.”