Jurnal Risa Series Adaptation for Disney+


Jurnal Risa: The Summer Break Terror by Risa Saraswati, creator of the Danur franchise, is being adapted into a horror series for Disney+ and is slated to launch on May 27.

The ten-episode adaptation tells a story from the ’90s when young Risa went on a haunted adventure with her friends and cousins and had to save one of them from an evil spirit seeking revenge. The first two episodes will debut on Disney+ Hotstar and Disney+ in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines on May 27.

The horror series is helmed by Awi Suryadi, with Manoj Punjabi of MD Entertainment as the producer. The cast features Shofia Shireen, Sheryl Drisanna, Ali Fikry, Muhammad Ozkan, Keanu Azka, Alesha Fadillah, Alleyra Fakhira, Dimas Putra and Quentin Stanislavski.