Joanne Froggatt

The psychological thriller Angela Black stars Joanne Froggatt as Angela, a wife and mother with a seemingly ideal life: a beautiful home, two wonderful young sons and a successful husband who can provide a comfortable lifestyle. But—and there’s always a “but” in a show written by Jack and Harry Williams, famous for series full of unexpected twists and turns—behind the veneer of happiness, Angela is dominated by her violent and manipulative husband, Olivier, played by Michiel Huisman.

Froggatt also starred in Liar, another series written by the Williams brothers. Both are suspense-packed dramas, but underneath the tension and what-will-happen-next plots lie serious issues—domestic violence in Angela Black and consent in Liar.


Froggatt talks to TV Drama about taking on these roles, the research she does to prepare and the responsibility she feels in portraying victimized women trying to be heard and believed while seeking justice.

She will also be featured in the upcoming movie Downton Abbey: A New Era, in which Froggatt plays Anna Bates, a role dear to her heart, which won her a Golden Globe.

The six-episode limited series Angela Black was commissioned by ITV in the U.K., where it aired last fall, and by Spectrum in the U.S., where it premiered February 7, and is distributed by All3Media International.