HBO Europe’s Umbre to Stream on Hulu in the U.S.


LOS ANGELES: Hulu has acquired the HBO Europe drama Umbre, which is being made available for AVOD streaming in the U.S.

Umbre centers on taxi driver Relu, a mild-mannered family man who lives a double life as a collector for a local mob boss. The show explores themes such as marriage, parenthood and keeping secrets. Umbre was already picked up for a second season on HBO Europe.

Antony Root, the executive VP of original programming and production at HBO Europe, said: “Umbre is a unique and edgy gangster drama that combines great genre storytelling with moments of black comedy.”

“Although I was inspired by Scandinavian and South Korean crime movies, a lot came from my experience growing up in a tough neighborhood,” added writer and director Bogdan Mirică. “Crooks use sledgehammers, monkey wrenches, steel bars—anything to hand, which is so much scarier than guns.”

The series is represented by Synergetic Distribution.