Graphic Novel ReincarNATE Being Adapted as a Series


On the heels of landing a straight-to-series order with Netflix for the sci-fi action drama Warrior Nun, Reality Distortion Field has lined up three new genre projects, including an adaptation of the cult graphic novel ReincarNATE.

Reality Distortion Field is working with Buck Productions and Patrice Theroux to adapt Michael Moreci’s (Suicide Squad, Roche Limit) ReincarNATE. The series follows a washed-up cop turned PI who survives a gunshot to the head and wakes up with the bizarre ability to interact with former versions of himself from past lives.

Three Years with the Rat is being done as an eight-part series created by Jay Hosking and adapted from his debut novel. The genre-bending series is about a brilliant researcher who goes missing and the lengths her brother will go to in order to find her.

Reality Distortion Field has also partnered with producers Jane Charles and Caron Carlyon to adapt the novel Light of the Northern Dancers by Robin F. Gainey into a scripted drama, The Mystic. It will play out as a supernatural Western rooted in folklore and set in 1880s Wyoming.

Stephen Hegyes, president of Reality Distortion Field, said: “We are incredibly excited to be sharing these projects with the world over the next few weeks. The demand for IP has never been higher and with the projects we have developed, we’re confident in the international appeal of our slate.”