GoQuest Media Acquires Polish Crime Dramas


GoQuest Media has acquired the worldwide distribution rights for two crime dramas from Telewizja Polska (TVP), including Erinyes (Erynie).

Based on short stories from Marek Krajewski, the show follows Edward Popielski, a detective inspector who is tormented by visions caused by epilepsy attacks, which he uses to his advantage in investigations. Though he is an officer of the law, he operates outside of it.

The Erinyes cast is led by Marcin Dorociński (Spies of Warsaw, The Queen’s Gambit, Vikings: Valhalla) and also includes Wiktoria Gorodeckaja, Szymon Wisniewski, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Eryk Lubos, Miroslaw Kropielnicki and Jakub Kamienski. It is directed by Borys Lankosz.

GoQuest Media also picked up Crusade (Krucjata), a suspenseful action series focused on the investigations conducted by Detective Jan “Manjaro” Góra and his colleagues from the Crime and Criminal Terror Division of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police. As they investigate a series of murders and kidnappings of celebrities, including an influential TV journalist, a talent show judge, a banker and an MP, they realize an anti-system terrorist organization links them together.

Crusade is directed by Lukasz Ostalski and stars Julian Swiezewski as Góra.

“We’re excited to introduce two new titles from Poland to the international market, produced by Telewizja Polska (TVP),” said Jimmy George, VP of sales and acquisitions at GoQuest Media. “The period crime drama Erinyes already has a vast fan following, and we see it extending its fan base around the world. Edward Popielski combines the erudition of Poirot and the charm and intensity of Bond with the non-conformism of a modern-day, Avenger hero. With Crusade, the ensemble’s chemistry, its exceptional narrative plot and fast-paced action places it right in the league of police crime dramas that are so popular now. We are thrilled to continue our relationship with TVP and to bring their original series to global platforms.”

“TVP is very happy to work with GoQuest Media again,” added Aleksandra Kaźmieruk, head of worldwide sales for films and TV series. “We trust the company and we see how passionate they are about our TV series. We are sure that thanks to our cooperation, Erinyes and Crusade will gain international recognition and the series will reach global audiences. These titles deserve wide exposure, and GoQuest Media will surely make it happen.”