Global Agency Takes Daydreamer to Italy


Global Agency has inked a deal to bring Daydreamer, a romantic drama starring Can Yaman, to one of Italy’s Mediaset Group channels.

The drama has also recently been sold into Latvia, Bosnia, North Macedonia and Georgia, and has previously hit screens in Greece, Spain and Israel. With the latest deals, the drama will be aired in 22 countries in various regions.

Produced by Turkey’s Gold Film, Daydreamer tells the story of the titular fun-loving daydreamer who sets off on a journey of romantic adventure, leaving behind her father’s grocery store to tame the heart of a world-famous photographer, teaching them both about love. Star Yaman first became known in Italy with the drama Bitter Sweet.

Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency, said: “Recently sales of our hit rom-com Daydreamer have increased a lot. In these difficult days we are in, rom-com series like Daydreamer will be very good for the viewers’ souls. Daydreamer achieves high ratings and actors in the series have large fan groups in all countries where it is broadcasted. We will continue to help our clients by providing good content.”