Four New Beck Films in Production


Endemol Shine’s Swedish production company Filmlance is back in production on the long-running crime drama Beck, which has four new chapters in the works.

Filming of the 39th Beck film begins next month. When the series wraps mid-summer, a total of 42 Beck films, starring Peter Haber, will have been produced. Film 39 is expected to premiere on C More this fall, with details on the premiere on TV4 still to be announced.

The Beck films are based on characters created by husband-and-wife writing team Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö and their detective series about Martin Beck. The films are produced by Tomas Michaelsson at Filmlance.

Beck is a co-production by C More, TV4, ZDF and Nordisk Film. The series is distributed globally by Endemol Shine International.

Michaelsson commented: “We’re extremely proud of Beck, which is one of the most popular detective crime dramas in Sweden. Working on a long-running series like this has allowed us to truly develop the characters and bring new and interesting stories to fans. We are very much looking forward to filming again next month.”

Niva Westlin Dahl, executive producer of Beck at C More and TV4, added: “Congratulations all you Beck fans out there—and I know there are a lot of you! This is such a kick. Year after year, the Beck films top the list of what our users at C More watch the most, so I am thrilled that we will be able to offer new films by the end of 2020.”