Eccho Rights to Take Surec Film’s New Bride Global


STOCKHOLM/ISTANBUL: Eccho Rights has signed a distribution deal with Turkey’s Surec Film for the comedic drama New Bride, which it will launch to the international market at MIPTV.

New Bride (Yeni Gelin) launched three weeks ago on Show TV in Turkey and has become the top-rated drama series on Saturday evenings. The series follows the story of Bella, a modern young woman from a cosmopolitan background, who meets the man of her dreams at university. Once they are married, her new family’s unusual traditions start to make life difficult.

“Surec Film is one of Turkey’s most prolific producers, with Cherry Season and Kacak big successes over the past few years,” said Handan Özkubat, the head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul office. “We are delighted to see that they are scoring another hit with New Bride and we are sure this series will find fans all over the world.”

Ali Gündoğdu from Surec Film added: “Eccho Rights is a great partner for us. We made history together last year with Cherry Season becoming the first Turkish drama on air in Italy, and we look forward to sharing more successes with our new series.”