MIPTV Spotlight: Dori Media Group


Headlining Dori Media Group’s MIPTV slate this year are three new drama titles, including The Drop (La Entrega).

A single mother whose daughter is sold into sex slavery in Bolivia is at the center of whirlwind crime thriller The Drop (La Entrega), which draws attention to the country’s kidnapping epidemic. Shepherd is a crime drama named after the canine half of an unlikely crime-solving duo, the other half being an alcoholic former detective who wanted to put the dog down. The third season of the series Dumb follows as Shiri and Assaf, who have escaped abroad with millions of stolen euros. They believe they are finally free to fulfill their love, but instead, reality rears its ugly head.

“The three crime drama titles above originate from three very different territories in the world—Bolivia, Russia and Israel—proving that success stories are born worldwide and can travel worldwide,” says Nadav Palti, president and CEO of Dori Media Group. “We always believe that good stories travel, no matter where they were born and created.”