Disney+ Launching New Chinese-Language Drama


Disney+’s new Chinese-language original drama series Women in Taipei is set to launch on the streamer on September 21.

Starring Gwei Lun-Mei, Women in Taipei tells the story of a woman who is committed to chasing her dreams in the big city. Faced with the emotional challenges of being hired and fired for the first time, I-Shan struggles to make ends meet while also dealing with heartbreak and difficult life choices.

Wang Po-Chieh, Joseph Chang, Rhydian Vaughan, Stone, Cheryl Yang and Tien Hsin star alongside Lun-Me in Women in Taipei. It is directed by Li Yun Chan (The Shoe Fairy) and written by Ginger Wang (Déjà vu) and Wan-Zhen Zou (Say Yes Again). Lincoln Lai is producing the series.

Lun-Mei said: “I-Shan Lin is a good-natured, straightforward person. She has a strong sense of justice and speaks up when she feels that something is unfair. When you’re pursuing your dreams, you have to be decisive; you can’t haphazardly go about making decisions, and I-Shan is definitely a woman who has set out in pursuit of her dreams.”