Crónicas Obscuras Podcast Gets TV & Film Adaptations


Jose “Pepe” Bastón’s Elefantec Global has partnered with Sonoro to adapt the horror podcast Crónicas Obscuras for film and television.

The two companies plan to make adaptations for English- and Spanish-language markets, with Latinx writers and directors attached. Bastón will executive produce the adaptations alongside Sonoro’s co-founders, Gerónimo Ávila and Joshua Weinstein, as well as Luis de Velasco.

“At Sonoro, we are focused on building audio-first franchises that can come to life in TV, film and beyond,” said Weinstein, who serves as CEO of Sonoro. “Global audiences continue to gravitate toward the Crónicas universe, and we are proud to partner with Pepe and his team to expand this world, delighting super-fans and inviting new fans to Crónicas Obscuras. Together with our creative collaborators, we will extend this IP to the big screen. In addition, we see immediate opportunities to bring the franchise to the streaming ecosystem, serving consumers globally.”