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CJ ENM Dramas Score Thai Adaptations


True CJ Creations (TCJ) is working on Thai adaptations of several CJ ENM hit titles, beginning with a localized remake of Black Dog.

Titled Thank You Teacher, the Thai adaptation tells the story of a new part-time teacher struggling to survive and fit in at a wealthy private high school. It is set to debut in June.

TCJ is also working on remakes of Familiar Wife, Start-Up, Emergency Couple and Lawless Lawyer, all of which are planned to premiere in 2024. Studio Dragon is producing the upcoming Thai adaptations.

Regarding the international success of CJ ENM’s titles, Sebastian Kim, director of international content sales, said, “The challenging mindset that pursues title productions based on diverse genres is the most critical facet, which entices and grasps global audiences’ attention, especially from the Asian countries. From romantic comedies to crime and thrillers, CJ ENM is dedicated to conveying versatile narratives and themes that can provoke sympathies amongst viewers.”

“CJ ENM will put endless efforts to augment the format sales by demonstrating well-made content resonating with international viewership and will strive for the best to become a trendsetter of global format sales,” Kim added.

“We hope Thai remakes, initially planned and produced by Studio Dragon, be once again developed into groundbreaking, top-notch titles by delivering strong narratives and integrity for Thai audiences.”

TCJ previously remade Signal, locally known as 23:23, which aired in January, and Bad Guys, which was nominated for several awards at the 19th Kom Chad Luek Awards.

“The performance of 23:23 on True ID, the leading local OTT, has charted number one in the top ten series since the first week of airing,” said Ari Arijitsatien, co-CEO of TCJ. “Currently, the viewership is over 12 million. Its performance on Thailand’s most popular social trending app, TikTok, is about to pass 100 million views. It broke the viewership record of Bad Guys on True ID already.”

Michael Jung, the CEO-Co of TCJ, added, “We are about to bring 23:23 to international audiences with our strong distribution partners in some countries that promote Thai and Korean content,” added Michael Jung, co-CEO of TCJ. “We believe that 23:23 would create an undeniable impact in other countries like the local one as well.”

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