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MIPCOM: The Week in Drama

TV Drama Weekly recaps the deals that made headlines in the business of drama last week. There was perhaps one overarching trend for the slew of drama news that came out of MIPCOM last week: the business is more international than it has ever been, with an array of cross-border ...

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The Legacy of Mad Men

On Sunday night, Mad Men fans—3.3 million of them, according to Nielsen figures—tuned in to AMC to see how Matthew Weiner would wrap up the stories of characters that they had come to love (or hate) over the course of seven seasons. The finale may have been polarizing, but the ...

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Past Perfect

This article originally appeared in the MIPTV 2015 issue of TV Drama. There’s a wealth of new period drama being rolled out internationally. With dramas featuring Tudor England, the American War of Independence, Louis XIV’s Versailles, India in the last throes of the British Empire, 1940s Los Alamos, 17th-century pirates, ...

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Behind the Scenes of The Americans

TV Drama Weekly’s Anna Carugati recently visited the set of FX’s critically acclaimed original series The Americans. She takes us behind the scenes of the 1980s-set espionage drama with interviews with co-creator Joe Weisberg and cast members Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell and Noah Emmerich. The period drama The Americans takes ...

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TV Drama: 2014 Year in Review

Drama has always been a staple on broadcasters’ schedules, but in 2014 the genre was hotter than ever: bigger budgets, bigger projects, new players, new financing models, and more variety than there’s ever been in the business. Indeed, buyers have been spoiled with choices as of late, with a steady ...

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