Video Interview: Casa Grande’s Filmmakers & Cast

Amazon Freevee’s brand-new bilingual series Casa Grande follows the intertwining lives of five families in the farmland of Northern California, exploring the everyday realities and conflicts between overworked and underpaid migrant farmworkers and the wealthier families who own the farms and reap the profits. It delves into the themes of class, immigration, culture and family.

This video interview for TV Drama Weekly features a discussion about the series with director Gabriela Tagliavini, showrunner and co-creator Lauren Swickard, co-creator and executive producer Ali Afshar and executive producer Ava Rettke, as well as the ensemble cast of Christina Moore, Karen Bethzabe, James Marsters, Daniel Edward Mora, Loren Escandon, Laura Alemán, John Pyper-Ferguson, Madison Lawlor, Javier Bolaños, Raquel Dominguez, Kate Mansi and Keith Miller.


“Many people say that immigrants come to the U.S. with nothing, and that’s true in many cases for many of us,” Bethzabe says. “But the truth of the matter is that we might not come with the money or the language or the connections, but we come with knowledge, cultural capital, passion, drive, ingenuity. We come with so many things. We have so much to offer and feel proud of. This story does that.”