Blackbox Multimedia & EO Media Option La Historia de Dinamic


Blackbox Multimedia in London and LatAm-based EO Media have optioned the book La Historia de Dinamic and are developing it into a drama series.

Based on the real story of Dinamic Software, the book was written by Jesús Martínez del Vas with the collaboration of the Ruiz brothers, who created a video game empire from their parents’ house in the 1980s in Spain. The series will explore their story while showing how their innovation opened the door for the golden age of video games and software.

Javier Olivares (The Ministry of Time, Infidels, Los Hombres de Paco) will be the showrunner, working together with co-writers Pablo Lara (The Ministry of Time, Tiempo de Confesiones, Encrucijada) and Bruno Teixidor (The Cosmonaut: Transmedia Experience, Nova).

Giuliano Papadia, CEO and creative director of BlackBox Multimedia, said: “Once again, we are thrilled to be partnering with our trusted collaborators at EO and Scenic Rights for this truly unique show, and we could not wish for anyone other than Javier, Pablo and Bruno to be bringing to life a story we know will fascinate generations of TV audiences and video game fans. We are confident this will be a Spanish and global hit.”

Ezequiel Olzanski, CEO of EO MEDIA, added: “We found a story that appears to be out of a movie, out of Hollywood or of Silicon Valley, but it isn’t. It is real and happened right here, in Spain, in the ’80s, in the middle of the ‘movida madrileña.’ This is the story of the Ruiz brothers and their company Dinamic, and we will tell it with you.”

Olivares said: “Dinamic means talking about the Spain of the ’80s, when I was young. When many of us refused to accept that Madrid was a black-and-white city, while London and New York were pure technicolor. It is to show the creativity that spoke and speaks Spanish to the whole world. Without complexes and with pride.”