BBC Sets We Go Again Cast


BBC has cast newcomers Chenée Taylor, Kaydrah Walker-Wilkie and Akins Subair to lead Janice Okoh’s upcoming drama We Go Again (w.t.).

The 6×45-minute series, based on Okoh’s play Three Birds, is being produced by The Forge Entertainment (The Buccaneers, Help, Ackley Bridge), a Banijay UK company. It is set to air on BBC Three and iPlayer in 2025.

We Go Again will be distributed internationally by Banijay Rights.

Okoh said: “I am over the moon to be adapting my stage play with the BBC and The Forge. It’s been a joy to see the project grow and change but still keep the story of these three wonderful kids home alone and how they handle the adults around them at its heart. As soon as I saw Chenée I knew she was my Tiana, a beautiful young adult with an inner strength that shines through. Kaydrah and Akins are phenomenal, too—so naturalistic and funny. I feel lucky we found them. I’m so excited about the rest of the cast joining them—Romola, Sam, Ivanno, Jamelia and Jennifer—and can’t wait for the world to meet the characters they portray.”

George Ormond, executive producer, added: “Janice’s scripts are a rollercoaster—laugh out loud funny with a gut punch of emotion and three wonderful, surprising, irrepressible characters at their heart. It’s been so exciting to see Chenée, Kaydrah and Akins bringing them to life, and we can’t wait for the audience to meet them.”

Lindsay Salt, director of BBC Drama, said: “One of the many exciting things about We Go Again is the fact that Janice Okoh has created three brilliant and complex lead roles for talented young newcomers. In Chenée, Kaydrah and Akins we’ve found the perfect central trio, and I can’t wait for BBC viewers to see them alongside this fabulous ensemble cast.”

Nathaniel Martello-White, director and co-executive producer, commented: “It’s been a privilege to helm We Go Again with the Forge. When I read the pilot episode, I immediately connected with Janice’s brilliant writing. Her ability to find humor and irony in the most human and dramatic spaces. She never judges her characters, merely presents them with all their contradictions and quirks. Working with a cast of mostly new actors and taking them on a formative journey as people and artists has been most rewarding. I look forward to audiences seeing this unique and entertaining show.”