Banijay UK Acquires Peaky Blinders Producer


Banijay UK has acquired Caryn Mandabach Productions (CMP), which is behind the hit drama Peaky Blinders.

Mandabach will transition to a first-look development and producer agreement with Banijay UK under her newly formed Conduit Productions umbrella.

CMP’s slate of projects and back catalog transfers to Banijay UK. Moving forward, the group will manage all future series, spin-offs and brand ventures resulting from that IP, including the recently announced Peaky Blinders movie greenlit by Netflix (which Mandabach remains attached to as a producer alongside Steven Knight, Cillian Murphy and Guy Heeley).

CMP’s creative director, Jamie Glazebrook, will remain in post with the company, which will continue to operate, post-acquisition, under the new name of Garrison Drama. Banijay Rights will continue to distribute and exploit existing and new programs produced by Garrison Drama.

Patrick Holland, CEO of Banijay UK, said: “Caryn Mandabach is one of the legends of the U.K./U.S. drama markets, and Banijay has been hugely privileged to work with her over the years (through Peaky Blinders co-producer Tiger Aspect and via Banijay Rights), especially on the global phenomenon that is Peaky Blinders. Steve Knight’s truly unique vision found a similarly maverick spirit in producer partner Caryn and the series redefined TV drama. We are so excited to be announcing that Caryn’s company, CMP, is being fully acquired by Banijay, and are delighted that she’s agreed to a separate development deal with us, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

He added: “Steve has plans for future chapters of the Peaky Blinders universe and CMP’s other development projects will also come to Banijay as part of the deal. Jamie Glazebrook will continue to work across this slate.”

Mandabach said: “As a serial entrepreneur, I have fortunately been able to help conjure up and maintain rights in hits that resonate with global audiences. Peaky was such a show. And imagine my delight in being able to work with Cillian Murphy for ten years!”

She added: “I know that Patrick and everyone at Banijay are fully aware of the power of this franchise, and they will continue to expand upon the intrinsic value of this uniquely wonderful IP. With Conduit, I look forward to partnering with Banijay on new and equally thrilling ventures.”