Atv Inks Deals in Europe, Asia & Africa


A slew of top drama series from atv Distribution have been sold throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

In Europe, A Little Sunshine was picked up in Romania, Spain, Hungary and Macedonia. Buyers in Romania and Spain also licensed Street Birds, while a broadcaster in Hungary acquired For My Family.

A Lithuanian broadcaster licensed Wounded Heart.

Over in Asia, Destan and For My Family were sold into Bangladesh. A buyer in Kazakhstan acquired For My Family and The Ottoman, which was also picked up in Georgia. Destan was licensed in Vietnam.

Within Africa, The Ottoman was acquired in Angola and Mozambique; Hercai was picked up in Ghana; and Broken Wings was licensed in French-speaking Africa.

“We have built up a strong catalog with a variety of drama series as a consequence ate’s leadership in the local market for seven consecutive years,” said Müge Akar, head of sales for Europe, Asia and Africa at atv Distribution. “I am happy to reflect on this success in the international arena as well, and it’s a great pleasure to see that both our client and territory base is growing. We have a long-term relationship with many key players across Europe, CEE, Central Asia and Africa.”