Argentine Drama Perfidia Getting U.K. Remake


STOCKHOLM: Eccho Rights has signed a deal with DLT Entertainment for a U.K. adaptation of the Argentine drama Perfidia.

Margaret Enefer and Donald Taffner Jr. will develop the project, which will be adapted by British writer Alan Whiting (Wire in the Blood, Half Broken Things, The Scarlet Pimpernel) as a three-parter. Perfidia, originally produced by Cisne Films for Canal 7 in Argentina, follows a group of school friends who embark on a business deal that promises huge gains, but has high stakes. Friendships are tested, as jealousy, greed and betrayal put their futures at risk.

DLT’s president, Don Taffner Jr., commented, “Perfidia gripped me right from the start with its combination evocative human emotion, thrilling plot and unexpected twists and turns. With Alan’s exceptional talent, this will be an unmissable piece of television.”

He added, “This latest development deal is part of DLT Entertainment’s ongoing strategy to bring fresh new formats and ideas to the U.K. market as we look to develop and invest in our growing drama slate spearheaded by Margaret Enefer.”

Nicola Söderlund, the managing partner at Eccho Rights, said, “We’ve been selling a lot of shows into Latin America, so it’s great to announce a deal that sees traffic in the other direction.

“It’s a region that is traditionally known for the telenovela, but Latin America also has a growing reputation for high-end dramas. It’s wonderful that DLT has recognized the quality of Perfidia and with a top-class team onboard we are sure the remake will be stunning.”