ABC Australia’s The Disposables to Debut on TikTok


ABC Australia’s forthcoming drama series The Disposables is set to premiere on TikTok LIVE and ABC iview on September 22.

Creators Keir Wilkins, Sonia Whiteman, Renny Wijeyamohan and Karen Radzyner have aimed to curate the show to speak to Generation Z where they are most active, such as on social media platforms like TikTok.

Developed in collaboration with Photoplay Films and Dragonet Films, with principal production funding from Screen Australia and additional financing support from Screen NSW, the series aims to leverage the power of social media to target a younger audience.

The Disposables tackles a slew of societal issues, ranging from the refugee crisis and systemic racism to environmental concerns like waste management and microplastics.

Despite its heavy themes, the creators have said that the show is an “action adventure that will deliver thrills, chills and laughs.”

“We wanted to explore the hot-button issues of this culture,” the creators added, emphasizing that the intention is to “inspire positive change by tapping into the equally present groundswell of youth activism.”