24: Legacy to Launch Across 160-Plus Countries


LOS ANGELES: Fox Networks Group is planning a day-and-date launch for the new drama 24: Legacy in more than 160 countries following the series’ U.S. premiere.

The drama, which marks the next chapter in the 24 franchise, will launch on FOX channels across licensed territories in Latin American markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina; in Asian markets, including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia; and in European and African markets such as the U.K., Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and South Africa. 24: Legacy will have its U.S. premiere on FOX on February 5. 

Fox Networks Group’s chairman and CEO, Peter Rice, said: “The 24 franchise is a true cultural phenomenon and we are excited to allow fans in these 160 countries to experience the next installment all at once. At a time when media is instantaneous and global, viewers around the world will now experience, in real time, the events of this series which invented real-time storytelling.”