Former eOne Exec Suzanne Berger Sets Up Production Outfit


TORONTO: Suzanne Berger, formerly the VP of production at Entertainment One (eOne) Television, has teamed up with Ken MacNeil, the president of Creative Post, to launch Rosetta Media, a new production outfit specialized in 3D and 2D content.

Based in Toronto, Rosetta Media will produce original content in stereo 3D and 2D formats for a variety of platforms. Berger serves as president and CEO of the new venture, while MacNeil is a partner in the company. Both Berger and MacNeil will attend the upcoming NATPE market to officially debut Rosetta Media.

“Ken and his team are opening up a world of innovative technology to Rosetta Media’s project development and service production,” said Berger. “They have put a powerful new set of storytelling tools in our hands.”

“We can deliver scripted 3D on a 2D budget,” added MacNeil. “3D technology is ready to be used in a more subtle way that brings the audience experience to a new level. It’s not a gimmick anymore. We can create 3D content that is both beautiful to watch and integral to the story.”