Catherine Tait to Lead CBC/Radio-Canada into 2025


Catherine Tait’s contract as president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada has been extended until January 2, 2025.

Tait began her tenure on July 3, 2018. She is the first woman in the history of CBC/Radio-Canada to serve as president and CEO.

As with the 2018 appointment, the Independent Advisory Committee for Appointments to the CBC/Radio-Canada board of directors will be launching an “open, transparent and merit-based” selection process in due time to find the next president and CEO of the organization to start in January 2025.

Pablo Rodriguez, minister of Canadian Heritage, commented: “CBC/Radio-Canada plays an essential role in our country’s democracy and culture. Catherine has agreed to stay to deliver on several critical files, including the CRTC review of the public broadcaster’s license renewal, the launch of the corporation’s first national Indigenous strategy, along with preparations for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. Given the scope of change with the implementation of the Online Streaming Act and the proposed Online News Act, the continuity in her role at the helm of the public broadcaster is key during this time. Ms. Tait’s willingness to complete this critical work shows her deep commitment to the value of public broadcasting in Canada.”