MIPCOM Spotlight: Nippon TV


CANNES: Death Note, a well-known brand among anime fans around the world, has been transformed into a live-action drama series, which Nippon TV is offering.

The company is also highlighting the neo-futuristic entertainment series Matsuko-Roid, a social-experiment show that tests how the public would react to life-size androids. Meanwhile, The Kindergarten has been on air in prime time on Japanese TV for more than 17 years. “Utilizing fun tactics, including mysterious monsters, a quiz game and on-camera confessions, this show captures the most unexpected reactions of children that will bring smiles to the entire family,” says Shigeko “Cindy” Chino, Nippon’s senior director of international business development. A second season of Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out is also on offer.

“By filling our catalogue with a whole new list of titles in all genres, we believe we can increase the satisfaction level of our diverse clientele,” notes Chino.