iflix Lines Up Filipino Original Hoy! Bibig Mo


iflix has added to its lineup the comedy series Hoy! Bibig Mo, which marks its first original production in the Philippines.

Starting December 1, all eight episodes will be available to stream or download exclusively on iflix. The show is hosted by comedy icon and internet superstar Ramon Bautista. Hoy! Bibig Mo features established acts alongside fresh talent, taking part in a series of stand-up routines and improvised games.

In addition to Oi! Jaga Mulut in Malaysia, iflix has commissioned the comedy series Oi! Jaga Lambe in Indonesia.

Mark Francis, iflix’s global director of original programming, commented: “Following the success of Oi! Jaga Mulut in Malaysia, we’re excited to bring the same boundary-pushing, hilarious stand-up comedy concept to the Philippines and to establish iflix as the destination for the region’s most talented funnymen and women. Delivering hyperlocal, high-impact content is at the crux of our original programming strategy, and we’re committed to raising the bar for the enjoyment of all iflix subscribers.”