DISCOP Africa Spotlight: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


JOHANNESBURG: Viewers can see scientific theories in action in the educational program Discover Science, which NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) will be showcasing to buyers at DISCOP Africa.

The series features “ridiculously huge experiments shot with the latest filming techniques,” says Hiroshi Yamamoto, the deputy head of group planning and the management department at NHK. The series “fascinated people around the world and for the first time, NHK co-produced this series with SABC [South African Broadcasting Corporation],” he adds.

NHK also represents the drama series Carnation. Yamamoto says, “It is not just the success story of a woman, but one can see…how Japan stood up from the ashes of war and how the society began to thrive. This drama series has been inspiring lots of audiences, especially in developing countries.”

“NHK is hoping to expand its partnerships with more African nations and also worldwide,” Yamamoto adds of the company's DISCOP Africa plans.