CITVC Unveils Acquisitions Slate


TV Azteca’s Mexican telenovela A Love to Remember and the Thai drama Reckless Bride are among the titles that have been acquired by CITVC – China International Television Corporation for broadcast in China.

This year, CITVC imported more than 100 international movies, series and documentaries to air online, on satellite TV and on CCTV. In addition to A Love to Remember and Bangkok Broadcasting & TV’s Reckless Bride, CITVC acquired UFA Fiction’s Solo.

Previous TV dramas acquired include The Little Nyonya from Singapore, Kohi Apna Sa from India and Dyesebel from the Philippines. Docs acquired include In Love with Adolf Hitler and The Secret Nuremberg Notebooks. 

“CITVC continues to strengthen its communication with international producers and distributors, and to cooperate extensively in program importation, the development of intellectual property, and the localization of overseas programs in line with the tastes of Chinese audiences,” said Jianing Shen, EVP of CITVC. “In the context of the integrated development of the film and television culture; networking in China and elsewhere, and with the informatization and globalization of the media industry, we hope to further deepen our cooperation with overseas counterparts and to jointly promote our coordinated efforts.”