Al Jazeera English Scores Tata Sky Slot


NEW DELHI: Al Jazeera English has added 9 million homes to its Indian reach following a carriage deal with Tata Sky, bringing its overall base in the country to more than 25 million homes.

“India is a really important country for Al Jazeera, with an outward looking, intelligent audience who are interested in what is going on in their world," said Al Anstey, the managing director of Al Jazeera English. "We are committed to providing the highest quality coverage of India, from the region, and from our bureaux in all corners of the globe. We look forward to continue providing unique, comprehensive and compelling content to all of our viewers across the country.”

Nicola Bamford, chief content and business development officer at Tata Sky, added: “A strong advocate of offering a wide range in every genre, Tata Sky is happy to offer its subscribers the award-winning Al Jazeera English channel on its platform. With a significant mix of both international and India-specific news, we are certain that our subscribers will continue to enjoy our latest addition to the news genre.”

The expanded carriage for the channel comes in time for the May 3 launch of the six-part doc Indian Hospital.